Our Values


REGENERATION and RENEWAL are central values for us as co-creators of What’s Dying To Be Born (WDTBB).  As is the DYNAMIC BALANCE/DANCE of Sukah (Spaciousness) and Sthira (Structure). 

At the same time, WDTBB is an EVOLVING, living organism, one that is changed by all those who pass through it, just as the microorganisms that inhabit our human bodies transform and sustain us.

By design, WDTBB will evolve, albeit at a slower pace than its inhabitants. CYCLICAL; we all go through periods of rich fecundity and fallow times.  

We are a permeable and INCLUSIVE community, defined by our shared interest in understanding and experiencing our fertility beyond its biological dimension as a fundamental birthright and an integral component of fulfilling our life purpose. We welcome all expressions of gender, religion, race, socioeconomic status, life purpose, and reproductive choices.

One requirement to participate in this community is ACCEPTANCE. The willingness to see that everyone holds part of the truth and to come to this community with CURIOSITY and deep RESPECT for all voices.