Our Story


Molly Flanagan

Molly is living the question of what is dying to be born every day.  Conscious of the tremendous fertility that lives in her, she is actively asking the Universe what is the best use of her energies while in this particular body at this moment in time? What act or acts of creation will best serve her highest purpose? What Molly knows for sure is that whatever she creates, it will be done in deep communion with her body and the wisdom that lives deep in her womb. 

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Adrienne Ruzic

I’ve always lived by the saying “life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.”  After years of swirling in the charged emotional landscape of considering a child-free life, and finding myself on this path by hard choice has led me to realize this isn't a journey to be taken alone and the gift that that comes with a child-free community. There is no finish line (at least not one I’ve found yet!), so now I’m actively creating a new life that is rich with possibility, laughter, adventure, mega impact and deep connection.


Our Story: 

Adrienne and Molly met during a year-long leadership program in the foothills of North Carolina. As part of that experience, we were asked to partner with one of our tribe-mates to lead a workshop.  In a blended energy of excitement, curiosity and fear we chose one another for a project yet to be discovered.

Over the course of a one hour conversation, a shared experience around questioning our desire for parenthood and a wondering around how to use our fertility if we don't have kids.  What snowballed from there was an expanded awareness of all the many ways humans struggle with fully expressed fertile/creative energy (see our post on all the ways this can look).  

There was magic that formed through our coming together, our active choice in partnering.  We are the parents of this project/movement/business.  As parents of WDTBB, we don't yet know how this child will grow up, what personality traits will develop, what challenges and joys lay ahead.  What we do know is that there is no way of stopping this undeniable force that we've birthed.  Every day is a new learning, a new perspective, and a clearer imperative of why we create and the power of harnessing fertility.

Our Co-Creators:


Mandy Gordon

Mandy is a bad-ass unicorn and that's not even the half of it. And we're so glad she's joined us on this journey.