Our Services

What's with the frog, you might be asking.  Well in many tribes and cultures, the frog is a powerful symbol of rebirth, transformation, and honoring of your deep truth.  For these reasons the frog for us, is a brilliant representation of the WDTBB Community and the services we offer to support that community.  WDTBB came out of seeing gaps in where society and culture honors all the contributions humans make to creating a planet we all want to grow-up and live in.  Some of those gaps are in the form of knowledge, awareness, appreciation and acknowledgement.  Yet there are a lot of people out there who need more.  Here is our attempt at offering the 'more'.


What's Dying to Be Born Coaching

Whether you are in the questioning stages of the kids/no-kids consideration, or you're finding yourself squarely on one side of the fence by choice or circumstances but aren't sure what to do now, WDTBB Coaching may be just perfect for you. AND, WDTBB Coaching looks beyond the kids/no kids question, to all of the different life stages and transitions that ask us to harness our energies anew.  Retirement, kids leaving for college, menopause, a relationship ending - all of these major life events demand us to check in with how and where we are directing our life energy. Your WDTBB Coach will meet you wherever you are in your journey and travel alongside you as you access more of your own fertility or bring it to life in new and exciting ways! Together, we will create a powerful container for you to give birth to your wildest dreams. (Yes, those dreams that you'd packed away for a rainy day).


Ritual Design

We've found that there's all sorts of rituals and celebrations that aimed toward the mama/family-to-be, yet nothing that mourns, honors, and celebrates those who are choosing a different path.  No matter what road you want to choose in your life, we're here to help custom craft a rite of passage ritual that acts as the acknowledgement of your perfect choice.


What's Dying to Be Born - In Person Workshops

Our in-person offerings harness the power of community to further our creative cycles in every stage. These workshops offer an intimate and concentrated container to allow what is no longer needed to fall away and to bring new dreams into form.  Together, participants will deepen their inquiry around the question of what is dying to be born, and take courageous actions to embrace these truths. Join us to step into your biggest YES! 

We currently offer two day-long workshops, Release and Reverie, each of which emphasize a different part of the creative cycle, and a 3 day weekend retreat, Chrysalis, which offers a deeper experience of creative healing and expression.   

Release is for those who have some healing to do around the path that is in front of them.  Many come to this question through a history of shame, guilt, and judgment.  Release is the soul-vaporub to mourn, honor and begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Reverie is for those who are standing in the light and are ready to create but don't know how or what.  Through a series of cultivated activities you'll begin tilling the soil and planting the seeds of vision, purpose and action.

In Chrysalis we dive deeply into the complete cycle of death and birth, in a creative and playful space that combines contemplation, ceremony, and healing arts for a richly transformative process. Participants will shed layers that they have outgrown and emerge anew with clarity and purpose around what they are manifesting.  


Community Meet-ups (virtual and in-person)

Coming together in community is how we till our soil, within and without.  As we're spread across the East Coast, many of our meet-ups take a virtual form these days, and when the stars align for us to be in the same place at the same time, it's an extra dose of magic!  

Join our mailing list to find out when the next meet up is happening - online or in your neck of the woods!


What's Dying to be Born Book Club

This seed is just germinating now! There are so many wonderful resources out there from wise ones who have come before us, and thought explorers with whom we can enrich our conversation.  Here are some titles on our list at the moment: The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and Women Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Join our mailing list for updates on our next book and to add ideas of your own!