WDTBB Coaching

When you're in the thick of questioning, transitioning or contemplating, WDTBB Coaching is for you.  Whether you're unsure of where kids fit into your vision of your future and are seeking clarity, or you're about to be/have become an empty nester, or have hit a stage in life where you feel like a rebirth is called for.   Our coaches are highly and deeply trained in masterful coaching techniques but also bring a specific WDTBB toolkit that has been crafted and cultivated specifically for you as you make this journey.  Read on to learn about our offerings and coaches to find the one that's just perfect for you.   


Each of our Coaching engagements are for 6 months.  There's a method to our madness, and talking with us twice a month is part of the secret sauce.  We support you in-between the calls via email or text.  You kick off with a WDTBB Lifecycle Assessment and Self-Reflection Guidebook and our Coaches tailor our work with the help of those.  Regardless of the focus you choose, the cost is the same.  



Door #1 or Door #2?  Which side of the fence am I on?  Will I regret this? Is what I thought I want actually the life I want to live?  

There are so many questions that swirl around the mind and heart when consciously considering a life with children or a life without.  And what's also true is that no matter the path you choose, ....  ???

Fill Your Nest!

Consciously, creatively, soul-filling-ly.  You've been focused on others for so long, that the contrast and silence can be deafening, daunting, yet empty.  

Deep within you are soul seeds that were planted so many years ago, all along the path that led you to today.  We will help you dust off the detritus, to uncover and reawaken those long-since germinated seeds.  We aim to give them sunlight, water and vital life force to poke their little heads out of the fertile soil of your spirit.  




Rebirth, baby!

Feel like you just walked through hell?  Skin and spirit singed and tender?  Whether from a relationship ending, a period of grief and loss, or...???  Now you're seeing there's light at the end of this tunnel and you're just about ready to run towards, burst out into the sweet freshness of the day and begin again.

Our coaches will help with a hand to hold (or push) as you emerge out of the darkness, and with squinty eyes, begin to look at the world around you with new eyes, a welcomed sense of vigor and vibrance and the sigh of coming back home to yourself.  It's been so long.