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What's Dying to Be Born? Redefining Fertility for Child-Free Women

What's within you, dying to be born?: What are your creative seeds that cannot wait to breathe precious new air and feel light on their skin?  What's dying to be born?: What do we need to let go of, bury and burn so that our soils are fertile and receptive so our seeds can be planted and take root?

Many women who are on the child-free journey, either by choice or circumstances, have experienced the hard feelings of shame, guilt, resentment, anger, pain, defensiveness or sadness.  A loss of identity looms.  Yet... There is something within that calls to us, waits for us, and buoys us. A freedom, lightness, community, belonging, unleashed maternal energy, pro-creation and manifestation. It is from this place where our dreams can be born, where we can access a larger picture of what the divine feminine can mean.

During this one-day retreat, we'll tap into your unique seeds of creation, desire and identity. We'll explore an alternative notion of partnership around birthing something into your world or nurturing a soul longing.  We'll create community around shared experiences, food, and ceremony. We'll burn limiting beliefs (literally and figuratively). We'll rub some soul vapo-rub on the shame, judgement and lack. We'll create a fresh sense of legacy of how we honor our history and nurture our future.

We will have an assortment of water, tea and coffee to keep us hydrated through this experience.  Oh, and there will also be chocolate because, well, chocolate.

Space is limited to 10, so sign up today! 

Cost is $150

Regardless of where you are on your child-free path, temporary or permanent, questioning or firmly decided, there is room for your exploration here.   Curious if this experience is for you?  Have any questions or concerns?  Feel free to reach out to your hosts at or!

Want to sign up?  Use the form below to reserve your seat today!

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