Agreements of Intention

Developed by Gemma Stone, and adapted for this community, we subscribe to these intentions.  Becoming a part of this community means that you agree to hold these as well.  As a reminder, here is what we stand for: 

We are a permeable and INCLUSIVE community, defined by our shared interest in understanding and experiencing our fertility beyond its biological dimension as a fundamental birthright and an integral component of fulfilling our life purpose. We welcome all expressions of gender, religion, race, socioeconomic status, life purpose, and reproductive choices. One requirement to participate in this community is ACCEPTANCE. The willingness to see that everyone holds part of the truth and to come to this community with CURIOSITY and deep RESPECT for all voices.


To honor those beliefs, we agree to the following intentions behind our way of being with one another:

This is a Place of Love

It is a safe space for each of us because we treat each other with love

This is a Place of Safety

Nothing that is shared here will leave without permission of the person sharing. We leave shame, blame, judgment, comparison, and competition outside of our safe space.

This is a Place of Community

We will all be invited and encouraged to share questions, wisdom, insight, uncertainty, writing, art, and reflections. No one will be pushed to share; everyone will be invited..

This is a Place of Growth

We are all on our own journeys. We are all here to learn. All questions are welcomed. All wisdom is welcome. We are all growing.

This is a Place of Belonging

We each belong to our desires, our lives, and our community. We are each responsible for how we interact and what we get out of our time together.

This is a Place of Sovereignty

We are here to support and encourage each other. We do not try to fix, control, save, mend, or rescue each other. We allow vulnerability in by being present with it.

This is a Place of Honoring

We create a space where people can offer their gifts and ask for what they need.

This is a Place of Compassion

When we encounter resistance, we meet it with grace. When someone is in darkness, we shine light. When someone is in process, we provide patience and presence.

If you agree to the above intentions, we invite you become a part of a larger community of people looking to harness their pro-creative energies to birth beautiful things into this world!  Fill out the form below.  

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