What's Dying to Be Born?

What's dying to be Born?

Harnessing the power of fertility to birth all forms of creation.



What's within you, dying to be born?: What are your creative seeds that cannot wait to breathe precious new air and feel light on their skin?  

What's dying to be born?: What do you need to let go of, bury and burn so that your soils are fertile and receptive for your seeds to be planted and take root?

Regardless of your gender or life path, fertility is something all humans can harness to generate a sense of fulfillment, joy, purpose and meaning.  We invite you to explore the different ways these questions can influence your current reality and desired future.


The lifecycle of both death and birth are valuable to more deeply experience all that our fertility has to offer. 



We are a permeable and INCLUSIVE community, defined by our shared interest in understanding and experiencing our fertility beyond its biological dimension as a fundamental birthright and an integral component of fulfilling our life purpose.

We welcome all expressions of gender, religion, race, socioeconomic status, life purpose, and reproductive choices.


With a whole tribe of souls also on this journey, join in the conversation, partnership, and rich landscape with others.



WDTBB events are designed so you can return to them season after season, year after year, wherever you are in the world, and whenever you feel the need to reconnect with the questions or the community for an infusion of the magic that lives here. The material has an infinite depth to it, and just like Mother Earth, the more that we return to it, the more life it will give to us.


Immerse yourself no matter what stage of the death/birth cycle you are in and become infused with purpose and passion.